Clinical Management

Encourage your patients to participate in SummaCare’s Healthy You programs to improve their overall health!

Case Management

SummaCare Care Coordinators work with physicians and members with complex health problems to monitor the patient’s clinical care, assist with transitions between hospital and home or other care settings and help the member access needed health and support services.

Disease Management

Small steps can lead to big changes in the health of your patients with chronic diseases. SummaCare’s Disease Management programs complement the care your patients receive with additional resources about chronic conditions and self-care.

Pregnancy Management

SummaCare is pleased to offer PregnancyCare to expectant moms through Alere, presented by Optum.

Quality Management

SummaCare is committed to providing a level of quality in care and services which is unparalleled in the industry. SummaCare’s Quality Management initiatives have resulted in steady improvements in outcomes.

Utilization Management

We know the risks of underutilization of care. To ensure members receive the most appropriate care, our comprehensive Utilization Management program includes reviews and assessments of the status of care while in facilities such as hospitals or skilled nursing centers.

Wellness Services

All SummaCare plans center around prevention and wellness. We provide our members with the tools they need to successfully manage and improve their health.