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Business of the Year

SummaCare 2022 Lift Up Local Business of the Year — Safety Training Group USA

After more than 25 years of experience with the transportation, material handling, distribution and manufacturing industries, Mandy Forlina felt a call to make her mark on an often male-dominated industry—heavy duty equipment training. This female pioneer founded Safety Training Group USA, a small business dedicated to preventing workplace tragedies through proper safety training.

While Mandy had years of experience in safety-related areas when she started her business, she had no formal training on how to make a logo, or establish a standout social media presence or website. As a business that was just getting started, she also didn’t necessarily have the money to hire an agency to help craft her many needed branding elements. 

Once selected as the SummaCare 2022 Lift Up Local Business of the Year, the SummaCare and Knox Marketing teams worked directly with Mandy on a regular basis to identify business goals and recalibrate marketing materials to maximize her company’s visibility. Mandy was also mentored on the benefits of new and emerging search engine and digital marketing strategies. 

Six months later, Safety Training Group USA has a new logo, rebranded and optimized website and social media pages as well as a new direct mail piece / informative brochure. As a result of these efforts, Safety Training Group USA not only has new customers, their online reach has greatly increased, for instance: 

  • Facebook page reach has grown over 77,000%
  • LinkedIn page reach has grown over 960%
    • LinkedIn impressions have grown over 200% 

Lift Up Local Business of the Year: Safety Training Group USA