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2022 Additional Plan Benefits

Check out these valuable extra benefits that are included with most plans - at no extra cost to you!

New for 2022!


SummaCare is excited to offer BrainHQ – your online headquarters for working out your brain. Think of it as a personal gym, where you exercise your memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, intelligence and navigation instead of your abs, delts and quads. BrainHQ provides the exercise your brain needs to be at its sharpest so you can live your best life.

PERS (Personal Emergency Response System)

Offered with the Emerald plan only, the PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) benefit, offered through ConnectAmerica, provides 24/7 emergency assistance and care, increasing safety, independence and extending quality of life while enabling individuals to safely age in place.

Valuable Extra Benefits

Part D Prescription Drug Coverage (not included with the Amber plan)

Most plans conveniently include Part D Prescription Drug Coverage, including $0 copays for Tier 1 preferred generic drugs, Tier 6 vaccines and common over-the-counter (OTC) drugs – even through the coverage gap!

Dental Coverage

Through our partnership with Delta Dental of Ohio, you’re covered for two cleanings and exams, an X-ray plus visits for dental pain through the Delta Dental Medicare Advantage PPO network. And, NEW for 2022: coverage for fillings payable at 50%! Further comprehensive coverage is included with the Garnet plan. Supplemental dental coverage can be purchased for an additional monthly premium. Compare SummaCare Medicare Advantage dental services here.

Vision Coverage

You’ll receive an annual reimbursement amount to use toward the purchase of frames/lenses or contact lenses with the freedom to purchase anywhere you choose. Coverage also includes diagnostic and routine vision exams for a $0 copay.

Hearing Aid Coverage

You’re covered for one hearing aid per ear every year from our formulary, after paying $395 per hearing aid for Tier 1 hearing aids and $795 per hearing aid for Tier 2 hearing aids. And, all routine hearing exams are covered for a $0 copay.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Items

You’ll receive a quarterly amount to spend on non-prescription OTC health-related items like vitamins, pain relievers, cough and cold medicines and first aid supplies, shipped right to your home. Learn more.

Family on Demand with Papa

Papa is a company that pairs Medicare beneficiaries with adults, called Papa Pals, for companionship, technology education and support, assistance with everyday tasks like grocery shopping and delivery, picking up prescription refills and more.


The SilverSneakers® fitness program is the nation’s leading wellness program for Medicare beneficiaries. You’ll receive a fitness membership at no cost to you with access to basic amenities, group exercise classes and online resources at over 17,000 participating fitness locations.

Travel Coverage

With the Amber plan, if you travel to the states of Arizona, Florida or Texas, you'll receive in-network coverage for medical benefits received by an Medicare-approved provider. For all other plans, if you travel to the state of Florida, you’ll receive in-network coverage for medical benefits received by any Medicare-approved provider. Our plans have built-in worldwide emergency, urgent care coverage and ambulance services too, so you can travel close to home, or around the world, worry-free. 

Assist America®

Assist America® provides global emergency travel assistance when you’re more than 100 miles from home or in a foreign country. Assist America gives you peace of mind while traveling, knowing that a single phone call will give you access to a vast network of resources to help coordinate care on your behalf during any medical travel emergency.


You are covered for meals that fuel healthy living! Following a hospital stay or if you have diabetes with a high A1C level, you can receive home-delivered, nutritious meals to help you focus on rest and recovery. A new, self-pay option is also available for SummaCare members! Those interested in purchasing delicious, ready-to-heat meals may also order online through Mom's Meals. Learn more about the self-pay option.

Telehealth Services

You’re covered for telehealth visits with primary care physicians, specialists and/or behavioral health and substance abuse providers. Visits can be scheduled through in-network providers or through Teladoc. Teladoc visits can be scheduled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Acupuncture Services

Most plans include coverage for general acupuncture services. If you have chronic low back pain, you’re covered on all plans.

Diabetic Monitoring Supplies

Receive supplies to monitor your blood glucose including test strips, lancet devices and lancets, and glucose-control solutions for no cost when using Abbott and/or Lifescan products.

Home Safety Devices

You may qualify for coverage for home safety devices, such as grab bars, shower stools and more.

Therapeutic Massage Services

You’re covered for therapeutic massage services performed by in-network providers on most plans.


You’re covered for a defined number of trips to medical appointments. Most trips can be scheduled in as little as 15 minutes and you can see providers throughout SummaCare’s 31-county service area.

Health & Wellness Programs & Services

24-Hour Nurse Line

You’ll have access to a registered nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week who can answer your medical questions.

Health Coaching and Condition Management

Health Coaching is a one-on-one telephonic service to help you identify at-risk behaviors and provide suggestions to improve your wellness.

Condition Management includes a registered nurse helping you learn how to better manage your chronic condition and how to maintain and improve your quality of life.

SummaCare partners with Medtronic to offer Healthy Home Monitoring to target chronic conditions. SummaCare Medicare Advantage members may receive a call from Medtronic regarding enrollment in this in-home monitoring program.

Health Manager powered by WebMD®

Once you are a member, you’ll get exclusive access to WebMD’s Health Manager online tool. Set personal goals, monitor your health progress, track results, set personal health and wellness reminders.

Preventive Health Reminders

Do you sometimes forget to schedule regular check-ups? Once you are a member, we’ll send you reminders for preventive services and other recommended care for common conditions.


SummaCare can offer support to smokers who are ready to kick the habit. Quitting specialists will enroll members in the FREE QuitCare counseling program. Members may also choose to receive FREE nicotine replacement patches.

Plus, Many Enhanced Care Management Programs!

If you are living with a serious or chronic health condition, SummaCare offers members additional programs and services designed to help you stay independent and feel your best. If you qualify, our Care Management team will reach out to you once you are a member.