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Understanding the MEWA Renewal Process for Small Business

Posted July 21, 2023 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

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Much like your auto and homeowner’s insurance policies, health insurance plans also come up for annual renewal. Before signing on the dotted line, it’s important to review the coverage details to see what’s changed from the previous year.


Before you roll out your renewal options to your employees, take some time to review all your choices. Here are some things to consider:

  • SummaCare offers multiple plan strategies that don’t necessarily cost employers more because cost-sharing programs are a possibility when there’s more than one plan option.
  • If applicable, offer multiple provider networks. Groups with two or more enrolled employees have this option available to them through SummaCare.
  • Add a high deductible plan with options for a tax savings HSA (health savings account). During your renewal period, you can choose to adjust how much of the cost your company will contribute toward your employees’ costs or their HSA. HSAs offer employees more control over their healthcare costs as well as tax savings on money allocated for medical expenses.
  • If you don’t already offer ancillary benefits, consider adding them to your renewal. Dental, vision and life benefits are available through Guardian with the Chamber Health Benefits Plan for groups with at least two employees enrolling. Purchasing these benefits at a group level helps keep premiums reasonably priced. 
  • SummaCare offers comprehensive health and wellness services, like telehealth services, condition management, gym membership discounts, 24-hour nurse line and more. These services can drive down your future healthcare costs by helping your employees keep chronic conditions in check. Contact your SummaCare account manager for flyers available to distribute to your employees.

An important component of the renewal process is educating employees about open enrollment, deadlines, plan options and what changes they can expect to see. While it can be challenging to create a comprehensive benefits program while also watching the bottom line, an experienced partner, like SummaCare, can be an invaluable resource and can help guide you through the process. Allow us to help you choose the network that’s the right size and fit for your company.


If you are a current MEWA member, your broker will be delivering your renewal soon to you if not already. If you have questions about your renewal, please contact us at 330.996.8955.


If you are not a current MEWA member but are looking for an insurance company to partner with for your company’s healthcare benefits, learn about the SummaCare difference by contacting your broker or call SummaCare at 330.996.8955.