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Learn more about your pharmacy and prescription drug benefits

Posted July 17, 2020 by Charles A. Zonfa, MD, FACOG | Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Network Development and Contracting

Many of us understand firsthand the important role prescription drugs play in keeping us all healthy. Whether you are taking medication temporarily for an infection or you take medications regularly for a chronic illness, it’s important to understand your pharmacy and prescription drug benefits. We can help you fill prescriptions faster and more easily and help control costs, too.

Because prescription drugs are an essential health benefit, most SummaCare plans include comprehensive prescription drug coverage and benefits. However, prescription drug coverage varies by plan. SummaCare answers your questions about your pharmacy and prescription drug benefits and coverage.

How can I fill my prescription?

You can obtain prescription drugs from one of our many in network pharmacies, located throughout the service area. All major pharmacy chains are included. Choosing a network pharmacy is the best way to save on costs.

In addition, you can save money on prescription copays by ordering maintenance drugs through our mail order partner pharmacy Birdi.

How can I learn more about my personal coverage?

SummaCare offers several tools to help you manage and review your pharmacy and prescription drug coverage, including: 

MedImpact Login: Create an account to view your personal prescription coverage information, such as prescription copays, mail service details and prescription history.
Find Your Drug: Use this tool to search for specific drugs and find details about your prescription drug benefits. 
SummaCare Drug Formulary: Search through the SummaCare drug formulary specific to your plan, which lists medications and how they’re covered. (Note: Drug formularies can change often. Check back regularly to track changes and stay ahead of possible changes in cost.)
Find Your Pharmacy: Use this tool to search and find pharmacies near you that are included in our network. 

Can I fill the generic drug to save on cost?

Yes. To help members save on costs, SummaCare’s prescription drug benefit is a generic-based program. You will receive a generic drug unless no generic equivalent exists or the prescribing physician indicates that there cannot be a generic substitute for a specific brand name product.

Generic drugs, which often cost less, have the same high quality, strength, purity and stability as brand name drugs.

Most SummaCare plans allow up to a 90 day-supply of generic medications, which may save you additional money and time.

For more information about your pharmacy and drug benefits, call the SummaCare customer service number located on the back of your SummaCare Member ID card.



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