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Having access to an extensive network of hospitals, facilities, providers and suppliers is very important when considering a health insurance plan. It is equally important to know what your options are when seeking care to save yourself time and costs.

Primary Care Physician

To ensure you receive the most appropriate and coordinated care available, we encourage you to establish a relationship with a primary care physician.

Choosing a Doctor or Hospital

Your healthcare providers play a key role in your health, so make sure you choose a doctor or hospital
that is right for you.

Where You Go Matters

The next time you're not sure whether to call the doctor or go to an emergency room, consider all of your options as a SummaCare member.

Your Member ID Card

When you have health insurance, it is
important to always carry your member ID
card with you.

Find Your Provider Network

We offer a variety of networks to ensure our members have access to the care they need. Your network depends on the type of plan you have, so always refer to your SummaCare Member ID Card to determine your network name.

Need to know the basics?

Learn More About Provider Networks

Credentialing Physicians and Practitioners

SummaCare’s goal is to offer the highest quality healthcare to our members. This is accomplished, in part, by building a provider network of physician and practitioner professionals who meet our standards.

Through the process of "credentialing," all new physicians and practitioners in the network are reviewed to assure their professional status is in compliance with our standards. After a physician or practitioner has been credentialed, his or her professional status is re-verified every three years in a process called "recredentialing."

SummaCare also credentials health delivery organizations such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and free-standing surgery centers.

Search for a doctor or hospital using SummaCare’s online tool.

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