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Welcome SummaCare Vendors!

We’re pleased to provide this webpage as a resource for all SummaCare Medicare and Marketplace vendors. As a SummaCare delegated vendor, your organization must be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as sub-regulatory guidance, contractual agreements, the SummaCare Code of Conduct and all applicable SummaCare Compliance policies.

As a SummaCare Delegated Vendor, what do I need to do?

This web page includes links, information and instructions to help you and your downstream entities (including all employees assigned to perform services for our Medicare and/or Marketplace products) meet your requirements, which include the categories listed below. SummaCare vendors should review the content on each of the page links below to ensure that they understand the requirements and documentation required from their organization.

Report an Issue

Annual Medicare (FDR) Attestation

Annual Marketplace (Delegated Entity) Attestation

Review of SummaCare Code of Conduct & Compliance Policy Documents

Monthly Exclusion Checks

Additional Resources

Below are links to additional compliance-related documents from SummaCare as well as links to the CMS regulations and guidance related to first tier, downstream and related entities.

SummaCare Vendor Hotline Flyer

Medicare Managed Care Manual, Compliance Program Guideline

Notice of Privacy Practices

Offshore Subcontractor Attestation Form