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Access to Prescription Medications

Can I receive an additional supply of my prescriptions?

To ensure you have access to your needed medications during this time, SummaCare, in conjunction with MedImpact, has implemented our Emergency Preparedness process for all Medicare, Fully-Insured, Marketplace, MEWA and Self-funded members who use MedImpact as their Pharmacy Benefits Manager. SummaCare is allowing early refills, should you want to receive your medication early. You can receive the plan allowance for days supply at retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies and through mail order. You will be responsible for applicable copays. Please check your specific plan limitations.

If you are out of refills, meaning no valid refills are left on your prescription, the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy has granted an Extension of Emergency Refills to pharmacists in Ohio. Effective through the duration of the public health emergency, dispensing pharmacists may authorize emergency refills per the following:

  • Extend the emergency refill of schedule III-V controlled substances to not exceed a thirty-day supply or the days’ supply as indicated in the pharmacy’s records, whichever is less (as opposed to a 72-hour supply limitation).
  • Permits a pharmacist to authorize emergency refills for a particular drug up-to three times in any twelve-month period (as opposed to once in any twelve-month period). This applies to both schedule III-V controlled substances and non-controlled substances.
  • In lieu of three 30-day emergency refills, a pharmacist may dispense a one-time emergency refill of a 90-day supply for a particular non-controlled substance medication.

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 and related guidance and will work with MedImpact to make adjustments as needed.