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Shop & Change Your Medicare Advantage Plan

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SummaCare does not currently offer any plans in your area.

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Once you’ve reviewed the 2023 plans available in your county, if you want to switch to another SummaCare Medicare Advantage Plan, do one of the following:

Compare and Change Online

Enter your zip code above to see what plans are available to you in 2023 then change your plan online. If you experience technical difficulties changing your plan online, please call us at 866.262.4410 (TTY 711).

Call Us

Change your plan over the telephone by calling toll free 866.262.4410 (TTY 711). Please allow up to 30 minutes to complete this process with a SummaCare representative.

Print a Plan Change Form

To change to another SummaCare Medicare Advantage Plan, complete the 2023 Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan Change Request Form.

Mail your completed form(s) to us at: 
Medicare Retention
P.O. Box 3620
Akron, OH 44309-3620

Request Information be Mailed to You

We can mail you more detailed plan materials to review, along with a form to complete and return to SummaCare if you want to change plans. Request this information here.

Add Dental to Your Plan

If you would like to add supplemental dental to your 2023 SummaCare Medicare Advantage Plan, please complete the 2023 Delta Dental Enrollment Form and return to the address on the form