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OIG and GSA Exclusion Screening Requirement

OIG and GSA Exclusion Screening Requirement

SummaCare is prohibited from using federal funds to pay for services, equipment or drugs prescribed or provided by any entity, organization or provider that is excluded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Officer of Inspector General (OIG) and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

As a SummaCare vendor, your organization is responsible for the monthly screening of employees and subcontractors who have involvement in the administration or delivery of SummaCare’s Parts C and D benefits prior to employment or contracting and monthly thereafter.

To perform the required screenings, visit:

If an employee or contractor is found to be on an exclusion list, he or she must be removed from any work related directly or indirectly to SummaCare’s Medicare product line and appropriate corrective action must be taken. Review the  MAPD FDR Vendor Exclusion Screening Policy.