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Staying Current

A thriving and growing practice begins with healthcare plan members’ ability to utilize your medical expertise by confirming that your service locations are correctly listed in SummaCare’s Provider Directory.

SummaCare is requesting that you attest your information every 90 days through BetterDoctor. (Please note that you could be in violation of the Federal No Surprises Act if you fail to comply with these guidelines.) Failure to attest the correctness of your demographics, could lead to your information being suppressed from provider directories like the ones found on among others.


SummaCare has established a partnership with BetterDoctor to ensure improved regulatory and contract compliance with provider data accuracy. If you’ve received communications from BetterDoctor, SummaCare would encourage you to establish a relationship with them if you haven’t done so already.

Once you begin working with them, you’ll receive quarterly BetterDoctor outreach notices via email, fax, USPS or phone calls, to ensure that your staff and service locations are listed correctly in SummaCare’s provider directories. Please note that providers with more than one service location will need to attest for each location.

By attesting your information is correctly listed this will: 

  • Ensures patients can find your providers and make appointments 
  • Simplifies obtaining prior authorizations, submitting claims, receiving payments, etc.
  • Keeps you and/or your providers active in directories 

For Practitioner Groups

Organizations with multiple practitioners and service locations are also invited to participate in BetterDoctor’s “streamlined roster solution” for quarterly provider data attestations. Please schedule a call with BetterDoctor through Calendly, an online meeting application, to help you learn to reduce your administrative burden for validating provider data every quarter.

The roster template shows the minimum provider directory data that must be verified for each of your practitioners every 90 days.

This roster can be supplied for all practitioners and should be in one of the following formats:

  • Excel (.xls or .xlsx)
  • CSV (.csv)
  • Text File (.txt w/tab or pipe delimiter)

BetterDoctor will review this information, conduct primary source verification calls to verify its accuracy in accordance to the roster data required by CMS.

For Questions or Additional Information

SummaCare Provider Support Services

BetterDoctor Support Services