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Why Small Businesses Should Offer Ancillary Benefits to Their Employees

Posted November 11, 2021 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

The benefits of a healthy workforce are numerous. From increased productivity to reduced absenteeism and turnover, research shows routine, preventive care can lower a person’s medical costs in the long run. Preventive care and regular screenings for diagnoses like cancer, hypertension and heart disease are often covered under a company’s health insurance plan. But what about dental care and vision? They also require routine treatment and maintenance and in most cases are not a covered benefit. That’s why it’s important to offer your employees opportunities to customize their benefits with ancillary options that are important to them.

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The Preferred Choice Network offers multiple benefit options for small businesses

Posted October 05, 2021 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

When looking for a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) healthcare plan for your small business, it’s important to find a plan that gives your employees choices. By selecting SummaCare’s The Preferred Choice Network that’s exactly what you will be doing.

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Does a MEWA Health Plan Make Sense for Your Small Business?

Posted September 24, 2021 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

If you are a small business owner with less than 50 employees it can be difficult to find affordable health insurance. Small companies with fewer resources are challenged to meet insurance companies’ group participation requirements in order to negotiate favorable rates and plan options that larger companies can often leverage. That’s why Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs) are becoming an attractive option for small businesses. By joining together,...

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