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5 Tips for Building a Competitive Employee Benefits Package

Posted November 18, 2022 by Matt Baker, Director of Commercial Sales

Small businesses need every advantage they can get when competing with larger companies for top talent. One of the best ways they can do this is by offering a competitive, comprehensive benefits package to their employees. Studies show healthcare benefits play a large role in people’s employment choices and can lead to reduced turnover and increased job satisfaction.


When building your benefits package with SummaCare, you are working with a company that takes a...

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10 Tips to Support Your Employees Mental Health

Posted October 06, 2022 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

When one of your employees comes to work with a broken leg, you make concessions – like moving their workspace to an accessible area. Just as important, and often overlooked, is an employee’s mental health needs. At first glance, it may be impossible to know when someone is struggling, but studies show one in five adults is experiencing some form of a mental health disorder (anxiety, depression, stress, addiction issues). To put that into perspective, that’s...

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SummaCare Launches Lift Up Local Mentorship Program for Ohio Businesses

Posted September 15, 2022 by Michelle Bisson | Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Since our founding in 1990, one of SummaCare’s core commitments has been to partner with the community. While celebrating the 25th anniversary of our Medicare Advantage Plans in 2021, SummaCare looked for a way to both honor that commitment and to also inspire and support a local small business via a mentorship project called Lift Up Local.

What began as a project to improve and refocus small businesses’ marketing efforts and training, has evolved into an annual...

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Why Your Employees Should Utilize Telehealth Services

Posted September 01, 2022 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

During the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth services (healthcare delivery and education via video and audio technology) gained visibility as a safe and effective way to receive quality medical care. As a result of its rise in popularity, employers saw gains in workforce productivity due to employees not having to travel to a provider’s office, sit in a waiting room, wait for the provider to see them and travel back to work.

In the past, your employees may have been...

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Educating Your Employees About How Generic Medications Can Save Them Money

Posted August 01, 2022 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

When you go to the grocery store you probably notice the generic brand peanut butter is cheaper than the “name brand.” While they contain the same ingredients, the name brand company has spent a lot of dollars marketing its product to give its brand visibility and an edge over its competitors. For many people, the 50 cents to $1 savings may not be enough to entice them to give up their favorite peanut butter, but for things like prescription drugs, the difference...

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Is It An Emergency? Helping Your Employees Understand the Cost Difference Between Emergency and Urgent Care

Posted June 29, 2022

When it comes to the appropriate utilization of high-cost services like the emergency room (ER), one of the best ways employers can help reign in their healthcare expenses is through employee education.

By design, ERs are expensive to manage and run because of the high-tech equipment, maintenance and supplies required to treat medical emergencies as well as the personnel needed to keep them open and operating 24/7. When your employees unnecessarily over utilize the ER for...

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Wellness Tools to Help Your Company Build a Healthier Workforce

Posted May 31, 2022 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

Stress is our body’s response to pressure, and everyone copes with stress in their own unique way. When it isn’t managed in a healthy way, stress can impact every area of an individual’s personal and professional life. Feelings of excessive worry or fear can have a negative impact on mood, nutrition, sleeping habits and well-being. When this happens, it may be time to seek professional help. With SummaCare, your employees have access to a variety of health...

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Why Advance Care Planning is Beneficial to Your Business

Posted April 14, 2022 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

A sudden heart attack, stroke or car accident aren’t things you can plan for because it’s impossible to know if or when they will happen. But they do happen and can leave people incapacitated and unable to participate in important decisions related to their medical care. That’s why National Healthcare Decisions Day, a nationwide initiative held each year on April 16, encourages people to take the time to put their wishes in writing in the event of a medical emergency.

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Learn how employee wellness programs can improve the overall health and wellbeing of your workforce

Posted March 30, 2022 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

Wellness programs, which were once considered a perk rather than a customary part of an employee’s benefit package, have surged in popularity because research shows they work. At their core, these programs offer employees education, tools and support to help them adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors to increase their quality of life, manage chronic conditions and reduce stress. In addition to physical illnesses, everyday life stressors can negatively impact a person’s mental and emotional health which may cause them to be distracted and less productive at work.

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What's the difference between exclusive and wide provider networks and is one better than the other?

Posted February 01, 2022 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

Choosing group healthcare for your business is a big task. Not only do you want to offer employees affordable options, but you also want them to have convenient access to local providers. So, in addition to considering the monthly premiums, deductibles and co-pays associated with a plan, it’s important to look at the facilities, pharmacies, labs and providers that are part of a network.

To give consumers better value, many insurers offer plans that are less expensive...

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Fully insured vs self-funded health plans – which one is right for your company?

Posted January 05, 2022 by Steve Chrzanowski, Director, Group Retention & Sales Support

The people you hire to work at your company have diverse healthcare needs. For this reason, health insurance coverage can be a make-or-break issue for prospective employees. People who are healthy may gravitate towards a plan completely different than someone with an underlying health condition. No single healthcare plan will fit everyone’s requirements. When shopping around for group coverage, look for an insurance provider that offers a variety of plans with different...

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