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To ensure you receive the most appropriate and coordinated care available, we encourage you to establish a relationship with a primary care physician (PCP).

Your PCP is your guide to better health. From preventive care to routine illness, your PCP is the provider who knows you best – and knows what kind of care is right for you. By having a doctor who knows you and your health conditions, both you and your PCP are more prepared should you need care that’s more extensive than your PCP can provide.

Having a primary care physician can keep you healthier as you age. Your PCP will coordinate your care and work directly with other providers in your plan’s network to assure you’re receiving the care that’s most appropriate for your condition. If you require care from a specialist, your PCP can serve as your navigator to ensure you receive care from the providers best suited for your medical conditions.

To maximize your relationship with your PCP follow a few simple practices:

  1. Contact your PCP for all of your healthcare needs. 
  2. Be sure to tell your PCP about your complete health history including any current treatments, medical conditions or doctors who are treating you. 
  3. If you are a new patient to your PCP, call to schedule an initial visit. This will help your PCP get to know your health needs right away. Forward a copy of your medical records to your PCP before your first visit so they can become familiar with your medical history.
  4. Your PCP helps you get preventive care. Routine checkups can help your PCP find problems early. Then they can be treated before they get worse.

When you enroll in a SummaCare Medicare Advantage or Individual & Family Plan, your relationship with us begins when you choose your PCP to coordinate your total health care needs. Your PCP is the person you will visit first for nearly all illnesses or injuries. If your PCP determines you require specialized care, need surgery or should be admitted to a hospital or other healthcare facility, he or she may coordinate your care with the appropriate source for that care.

Upon enrollment, you will be asked to select a PCP who is a member of your plan’s network. PCPs include General Practitioners, Family Practitioners, Pediatricians and Internists - all of whom have private practices. We recommend that your medical care be coordinated through your PCP, however, this is not required.

Each covered family may select a different SummaCare PCP. You may designate a pediatrician as your child’s PCP. If you do not select a PCP, one will be assigned to you and your covered dependents.

Need to Make a Change?

You can change your PCP at any time – for any reason. Simply log in to your member account and update the information any time or complete a PCP change form.