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Vendors Serving SummaCare Commercial Plan Members


Specialty Pharmacy provider for most commercial and all marketplace members. Members or providers may call AcariaHealth.
Phone: 855.422.2742 or 833.626.8417


Mail order pharmacy. Birdi provides an online portal to manage and order prescription medications. Birdi can be reached by phone or members can register online.
Phone: 1.855.873.8739 (TTY 771)

Cooperative Health Partners (CHP)

Medical Transportation for entire SummaCare membership. Non-911 Medical Transportation includes ground ambulance, helicopter ambulance and fixed-wing/regular aircraft ambulance.
Phone: 866.996.8791


Provides reminders to schedule preventive screenings, including phone calls.


Reviews and determines medical necessity on requests submitted by providers for High-Tech radiology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Therapy and Genetic Lab tests. eviCore may reach out telephonically, or more likely by fax or letter.
Phone: 855.774.1315
Fax: 800.542.2406

First Health

Out of state members or urgent/emergent out of network all others.
Phone: 800.937.6824


Offers members durable medical equipment (DME) supplies and equipment, including preferred diabetes testing supplies, for all SummaCare members per benefit.  
Phone: 844.358.2549

Husk (formerly GlobalFit)

Discounted gym memberships, nutrition programs, fitness equipment, etc.  


Pharmacy Benefit Manager for Commercial and Marketplace plans. MedImpact processes all pharmacy claims and manages the pharmacy network. MedImpact also reviews all coverage determinations under the pharmacy benefit including prior authorizations and formulary exceptions. 
Phone: 877.391.1109
Fax: 858.709.7100

Medtronic Care Management Services

Offers in-home remote patient monitoring for select members with congestive heart failure (CHF), coronary artery disease (CAD), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension and/or diabetes.

National Jewish Health

Offers telephonic smoking cessation counseling and nicotine replacement therapy to members, referred to as SummaCare’s QuitCare program.

Ohio Health Choice, Ohio PPO Connect

Urgent/emergent care in Ohio outside of network.
Phone: 800.554.0027

Press Ganey (formerly SPH Analytics)

Administers surveys to our members, including those required by CMS. These surveys help SummaCare evaluate and improve services and programs.

Summa Health System Clinical Access Center

Provides the SummaCare 24-Hour Nurse Line service and also assists SummaCare's Quality Management team to schedule mammograms, prescription refill reminders or to promote SummaCare's programs.

Teladoc™ Health

Telehealth visits with primary care providers, specialists and/or behavioral health providers.
Phone: 800.835.2362 (TTY 855.636.1578)


Community-based palliative care program which provides specialized palliative-prepared, team-based care focused on relieving the symptoms and stress of a serious illness.
Phone: 234.867.7015


Provides members a personalized health and wellness portal to help track healthy lifestyle habits.